This week, Ryan swaps stories with Mike Schumacher, founder of Lakeside Software. They discuss how the digital workspace has evolved, the importance of the endpoint, and the value of adopting proactive tools and processes.

  • How the digital workspace has evolved over the past decade
  • Using data and analytics to be more proactive in improving the digital workspace
  • Understanding user personas, critical apps, and devices
  • Importance of delivering great quality service to employee happiness and retention
  • Advantages of edge…

This week, Ryan chats with Jared Wesner, CTO at The Delta, a venture builder operating in Africa and Europe, about his digital nomad lifestyle and how he makes it work as a company leader.

  • Traveling in Eastern Europe
  • Ways to immerse yourself in new cultures while traveling
  • Digital nomad technology requirements
  • Figuring out insurance and taxes as a digital nomad
  • Working across time zones
  • Managing schedules and meetings for productivity
  • Addressing burnout and wellbeing as a leader

This week, Ryan and Heather discuss some of the pros and cons of blurry work-life boundaries for remote workers.

  • How remote work lessens the stress of caring for sick family/pets
  • The persistence of Zoom fatigue
  • The importance of setting and communicating boundaries

Is hybrid work really the worst of both worlds? This week, Ryan and Heather discuss the state of hybrid and overcoming common challenges like meetings and forming relationships.

This week, Ryan and Heather discuss building out a feature request process in Notion plus why some remote workers have chosen to move to different cities and how companies are responding.

This week, Ryan chats with Rory Walter, CEO of Appraisd, a simple and intuitive online performance management system.

  • Growing a company out of garden shed
  • How companies pivoted to providing feedback remotely
  • The impact of physical surroundings on productivity
  • Why continuous feedback is important
  • Overcoming recency bias and other performance management pitfalls

This week, Ryan interviews Shammah Banerjee, Senior Editor at Nimbus Ninety, about the state of business recovery 18 months in to the pandemic.

  • Hybrid working challenges and humanness
  • What is the state of recovery since the start of the pandemic?
  • Organisations are more willing to experiment and aim for progress over perfection
  • More organisations are identifying as disrupters
  • Digital workspace is more importance to the business

This week, Ryan shares his favourite ways to use an iPad as a secondary work device.

  • Ryan’s iPad work story
  • Using the iPad as a second screen with Apple Sidecar
  • Split View with iOS 15 for multitasking
  • What’s the ideal screen size for an iPad as a secondary work device?
  • iPad value for money

This week, Ryan and Heather discuss Dune, Facebook news, and the metaverse hype.

  • Excitement for Dune release day
  • Jodorowsky’s* Dune
  • What is the metaverse?
  • Facebook’s metaverse ambitions
  • The Bobiverse
  • How NFTs intersect with the metaverse
  • Practical uses for AR/VR

Ryan Purvis

I enjoy learning and sharing what I learn. I’m actively involved in AI, Machine Learning and Bot projects. Opinions are my own.

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