This week, Heather chats with Chris and Jordan Fischer, the co-founders of WALK-i-TASK, a height-adjustable desk attachment designed for home treadmills.Use code “DIGITAL50” for $50 OFF the WALK-i-TASK treadmill desk attachment plus free shipping and a 21-day trial.TopicsThe WALK-i-TASK origin story and how Chris and Jordan’s passion for helping people live healthier, more active lives led them to create a laptop desk for treadmillsThe importance of workplace wellness, particularly in our digital age where many people lead sedentary lifestylesThe negative effects of sitting for extended periods of time and how treadmill desk attachments can helpHelpful tips on how to incorporate health and wellness into daily routines, even while working from home Corporate wellness programs and how companies can benefit from investing in equipment like the WALK-i-TASK deskThe future of work-from-home arrangements and how technology can help promote healthier work habitsMeet Our GuestsChris and Jordan Fischer are the co-founders of WALK-i-TASK: a height-adjustable desk for home treadmills. They designed and developed their desk in order to help people get rid of a sedentary lifestyle, especially those who work from home. They are here to share how their desk helps thousands of people add more movement to their daily routine. With working from home becoming more of the “new normal,” they provide a resource that helps you move your body without sacrificing productivity. “Sitting is the new smoking.”Website: https://www.walkitask.comInstagram: @walkitaskYouTube: LinksFollow us on Twitter: @thedwwpodcast Email us: Visit us: Subscribe to the podcast: click hereYouTube channel: click here

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