In this episode, discover the story behind Penfold, the pioneering digital pensions company. Co-Founder Chris Eastwood shares his motivations and the challenges of navigating workplace pensions. We explore the importance of financial literacy and how Penfold is making saving for retirement easy. Join us as we unravel the complexities of the retirement savings landscape and witness how technology-driven solutions are reshaping the industry. Gain valuable insights into the future of workplace pensions and Chris’s vision for a world where financial security and retirement planning intertwine. Don’t miss this thought-provoking episode that explores the digital transformation of workplace pensions and the possibilities that lie ahead.Meet Our GuestChris Eastwood is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Penfold, the digital pension. Since first learning the astonishing maths of compound interest he’s been passionate about pensions and the benefits of saving as early as possible. Sadly, the industry has let everyday savers down with confusing products and outrageous levels of friction. As a result, 79% of Brits aren’t on track for a comfortable retirement. So Chris set up Penfold with his Co-Founder Pete Hykin to change all this by building a pension experience people actually enjoy using that helps them reach their goals. As Co-CEO at Penfold, Chris focuses on Product, Marketing and Investor Relations.Connect with Chris on LinkedInLearn more about Penfold: LinksFollow us on Twitter: @thedwwpodcast Email us: Visit us: Subscribe to the podcast: click hereYouTube channel: click here

In recent years, the role of the workplace experience officer has emerged as a crucial addition to the C-suite in many companies. This new position is responsible for creating a positive and productive work environment that fosters employee engagement, creativity, and collaboration.In this episode, we explore the rise of this role and its impact on the workplace. We discuss the skills and expertise required to be an effective workplace experience officer and the challenges they face in balancing the needs of employees and the goals of the company.We also examine the broader trend of expanding C-suites in companies, with new roles being created to address issues such as diversity and inclusion, sustainability, and digital transformation. We discuss the benefits and potential drawbacks of this trend, as well as the importance of ensuring that these new roles are integrated effectively into the company’s leadership structure.Finally, we consider the future of the workplace and the role of the workplace experience officer in shaping it. As companies navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing business landscape, the workplace experience officer will play a key role in creating an environment that attracts and retains top talent, drives innovation, and delivers results.Show LinksFollow us on Twitter: @thedwwpodcast Email us: Visit us: Subscribe to the podcast: click hereYouTube channel: click here

In this episode of the Digital Workspace Works podcast, we welcome Jason Radisson, Founder and CEO of Movo, a platform that provides custom tools for the high-volume frontline workforce. With a background in entrepreneurship and extensive experience working with top-tier VCs, Jason shares his insights on the challenges of large-scale HR recruitment in frontline work and the need for efficient hiring and onboarding processes.He emphasizes the importance of technology in removing hiring biases and the shift towards a digital record of employment history. As Jason puts it, “At least where the frontline is concerned, there’s really no reason that you shouldn’t have a digital file with your work history anymore. It shouldn’t be a piece of paper, self-reported, with a bunch of bullet points on it. It can be the digital record of your employment.”Join us as we delve deeper into the world of frontline workforce recruitment and learn how Movo is helping to solve the global shortage of skilled frontline workers with its innovative approach. Listen in to gain insights that will help you navigate the challenges of workforce management and unleash the potential of your frontline employees.Meet Our GuestJason Radisson is the Founder and CEO of Movo, a real-time massive platform for frontline work. Jason learned startup skills early in life. He was born to a 16-year old single mom, and worked blue-collar jobs from short order cook to HVAC technician to fund school and climb out of poverty. From that inauspicious start, he went on to Harvard, a Fulbright Scholarship, and McKinsey & Company.Since becoming an entrepreneur, Jason has worked with more than a dozen first tier VCs, firms like Softbank, Accel, DST, Andreessen Horowitz, Monashees, and Sequoia. Together he and his teams have built and scaled multiple tech unicorns, platforms that today provide work and improved living standards to millions of workers, from Bogota to Boston.In the early days of Uber he was a launcher and Regional General Manager in the western US. From there, Brazil’s 99-Taxis as Chief Operating Officer, where he grew the business 10x and sold it to Didi for $1B. He is also a member of the Rappi-Mafia, where he was an early investor and helped the Co-Founders build their Operations and Growth teams in the initial expansion across Latin America.His latest venture is Movo, where he is Founder & CEO, a platform that is helping solve the global shortage of skilled frontline workers, with more than 300,000 users from nurses to solar technicians.Learn more about Movo: with Jason on LinkedIn: Show LinksFollow us on Twitter: @thedwwpodcast Email us: Visit us: Subscribe to the podcast: click hereYouTube channel: click here

This week, Ryan interviews Michael Wagner and Ian Evans, co-founders of Metify, creators of the Mojo Platform for bare-metal provisioning.TopicsMichael and Ian’s career paths in technology and convergence at Red Hat that led them to co-found a startupIan’s vision to reduce the complexity of bare-metal provisioning and automation, whether a user is a developer or CXOHow Metify’s Mojo Platform helps reduce manual effort for infrastructure and operations teams by automating server buildsMetify’s solution for rural wireless broadband that helped teachers connect with their classes during the pandemicHow Metify helped MLB remotely discover, provision, and manage bare metal so they could deliver baseball stats to ballpark fans Meet Our GuestsMichael Wagner is the Co-Founder and CEO of Metify, a software startup based in Madison, Wisconsin. He began his career in 1995 as a network engineer when he joined IBM while still attending the University of Wisconsin Madison. He worked in several senior management positions at IBM in Boston and San Diego before joining Red Hat in 2010. Michael was head of channel sales and alliances for North America at Red Hat. He was one of the creators of Red Hat’s Apex Partner Program for SI’s implementing OpenShift / Kubernetes solutions in his final role before launching Metify. He has been a vocal advocate of channel sales for his entire career and continued his “channels first” approach at Metify.“Culture is everything”, is at the top of Michael’s whiteboard in his office. His leadership style is guided by the mindful skills he has acquired over many years of practice. Kindness, transparency, and willpower are fundamental principles of Metify’s culture along with an emphasis on discovery and having fun. One of his favorite proverbs and goal for all Metify employees is, “Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in their life.” –Confucius 563bcIan Evans is the Co-Founder and CTO of Metify, a software startup based in Madison, Wisconsin. He began his career in 1999 as the Director of IT for Quintus Resorts. He got his first taste of working in a software startup when he next joined Wasabi Systems. As Director of Product Management at Wasabi, Ian was deeply involved in all aspects of product development and strategy. Ian’s broad expertise in cutting-edge infrastructure technology led him to multiple Sr. Architect positions with some of the top technology companies on the planet including AWS, Verizon, Lockheed Martin, and Red Hat. Ian’s final role before launching Metify was Principal Architect for WWT’s Global Open Solutions practice.Ian’s love for innovation and obsession with making things work reliably and efficiently has defined his career. He conceptualized Mojo Platform as a revolutionary solution for infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams back in 2016. The thesis he wrote defining the solution was the genesis of Mojo Platform and led to the eventual launch of Metify.Learn more about Metify at LinksFollow us on Twitter: @thedwwpodcast Email us: Visit us: Subscribe to the podcast: click hereYouTube channel: click here

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