This week, Ryan and Heather discuss Dune, Facebook news, and the metaverse hype.

  • Excitement for Dune release day
  • Jodorowsky’s* Dune
  • What is the metaverse?
  • Facebook’s metaverse ambitions
  • The Bobiverse
  • How NFTs intersect with the metaverse
  • Practical uses for AR/VR

Ryan’s Linux experiment + reviewing “Masters of Doom” and “The Goal.”

Diane Nield, Director of Lead Coach Manage, discusses the workplace resilience and wellbeing (WRAW) framework and importance of establishing work-life boundaries.

In today’s digital-first world, automating business processes is key to delivering better customer experiences.

Holly Grace Williams, Managing Director at Secarma Limited, shares infosec strategies for the modern workspace, including tools and practices for making remote or hybrid work more secure.

Ryan chats with Sarbani Bose, Managing Director at Ei Square® Ltd., about effective data strategy and management.

An interview with Eileen Jennings-Brown, Head of Technology at Wellcome, about what the digital workspace means, improving digital experiences, tackling legacy tech, and more.

Ryan chats with Warren Beazley, Founder of Edison Hill Search and Search Consultant for CTOs and senior tech leaders

Adapting through crisis, why hierarchies can be useful, and empowering leadership

A follow-up conversation with repeat guest Eileen Jennings-Brown on techniques for becoming a better leader.

Ryan Purvis

I enjoy learning and sharing what I learn. I’m actively involved in AI, Machine Learning and Bot projects. Opinions are my own.

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